Wednesday link bonanza


Happy hump-day, dear friend! Here is a big bonanza of links to get you through to the end of the week, hopefully with a smile and a bit of inspiration.

* I’ve signed up for a tea swap. Do you want to join me?

* Get in my bed! You, and you

* This “balloons and books” baby shower looks amazing! I wish I’d thought of that.

* This quote. Inspired!

* I know Easter is over and we have probably all eaten our entire year’s worth of chocolate and sugar, but I still want to try this cake sometime soon. There will be plenty of substitutes for Easter eggs!

* Yelp reviews for newborn babies. These made me laugh, even though my mother-heart was inwardly shouting “Nooooo!”

* There’s gardens, and then there are house plants. But did you know you could wear greenery as jewellery? Imagine all that healthy oxygen wafting up your nose all day!

* The Joker Card is a singing birthday card that won’t shut up until you destroy it or the battery goes flat. Who do you want to annoy today?

* You are perfectly imperfect

* Heading to New York? These are great tips for getting around and making the most of the city

* Recently a friend with a farm gave us bags and bags and bags of heirloom cherry tomatoes. And I salad-ed and roasted and pasta-sauced and goat-cheese-tarted my heart out, but still I ended up throwing more than half of them out before we could eat them. And THEN I saw this list: 30 things to do with ripe tomatoes. Next year, tomatoes, you are MINE

* The next birthday party I host, I want to bake a really long cake

* Calling all book-lovers and writers: book-spine poetry!

Photo is of Ralph meeting the Easter Bunny for the first time, snapped moments after he was busted stealthily lifting chocolate eggs from the Easter Bunny’s basket. It’s not relevant to this list, just super-cute.


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