Things left unsaid


This is the truth about what really happened that weekend. I have loved you for years. A secret. I have to know why you did that. I’m your biggest fan. There’s a question I’ve always wanted to ask you. I’m sorry. Is there something unsaid lingering in your life, that is eating away at you? Is there someone out…

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Checking in: quitting Facebook, one year on

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Nope, still not missing it. In case you were wondering. If you’re new around here, here are my reasons for quitting Facebook (and Twitter, and LinkedIn), and here are some lessons I learned a month in. One thing I feared I’d miss on leaving Facebook was the occasional clever content. Events, ideas and happenings that people posted…

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Into the woods


Little Scout was nervous at first, stepping gingerly through the underbrush on the way to the trees, holding tightly to my hand, and Ralph’s. “I am afraid of the sticks,” she said, “afraid that they might hurt me.” Once inside the pine-forest, she kept calling Ralph back. “Stay close little man! You might get lost!”…

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Snail-mail: outgoing lately


I’ve been quiet on here but loud on life lately. Thanks for sticking around! The photo at the top of this page is of a stack of antique (100 years old or more) birthday-themed postcards I sent out to folks on Instagram, to help celebrate my own birthday last week. Here’s some of the other…

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Team spirit


There is something about the charisma of the crowd. Something in the roar of a thousand people, a hundred people, even 10 people, if they are like-minded, that is so wonderfully seductive. In dark moments, this is known as “mob mentality,” and it can cause people to do and say terrible things that they might…

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Mail art – prehistoric post

prehistoric post

We cut our way through a tangle of vines, each one thicker than a man’s arm. Heat prickled our skin. The air was humid, tropical, and thick with floral perfume: something like frangipani, with a less-pleasant undertone of… what was that? Sulphur? When at last we pushed aside the final curtain of vines, we could…

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Eccentric escape


You can move away, you can run away even, but, 90 percent of the time, your quirks and fears and troubles stow away with you. I know this because I have moved a lot, and sometimes a long way. This is the underlying theme of a new TV show called The Durrells. Thankfully, the quirks, fears…

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The Postman’s Knock

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This made me laugh this morning. I think I need to watch this movie! Also, a question: does anyone know the origins of the “Postman’s Knock” game? I know it started in England at least 100 years ago, but I’m trying to find a rough date and not having any luck… UPDATE: Apparently the trailer above…

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Stop just a minute


This is all happening too fast. It’s not just the growing, it’s the developing, the knowing, the maturing. “Stop growing up, start growing down,” I tell them, and they roar with laughter. “Again?” requests Ralph, “Will you tell me to grow down?” (“Grow down,” I obligingly order him. “NO!” he yells in evident delight). Ralph…

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Mail art – prickly post


Yawwwwwn. I was up until 1am last night making mail-art gifts for some friends. Those parcels (three of them) are not pictured here, because there wasn’t any natural light in which to photograph them once I’d finished, and Mr B took them off to post when he left for work at five o’clock this morning….

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Valma’s letters

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When I was a teenager, an old lady named Valma used to write me the longest letters. Easily 20 pages or more, in scrawling cursive on foolscap paper. Valma and her husband Bill lived in a two-room hut on a little dirt road called Saddler’s Lane, and I came to know them because I would ride by…

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My one weakness


Recently, I had a conversation on this blog with a lovely reader called Jan. I’m paraphrasing, but the conversation went something like this: Jan: Have you heard of the TV show “Lark Rise to Candleford?” It’s a period drama set in a post office. Me: *Instantly leaves office and runs to find it* Now I’m up…

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